Mar 30, 2007

[Other] Working on a website

The last couple of days I have been working on gathering all the important parts of the blog into a simple website. As the blog has grown it has become harder to find the good stuff and it is probably about time I do something about that. In the picture you can see a glimpse of the basic layout.

The website will be static in nature, meaning I will not update it like I do with the blog, but every now and then add new content from the blog to it.

As for the address I will probably use the same space as I do for storing the versions of Mediocre, to start with.

I will inform you when it is ready. :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Jonathan,

this incredible. I did the LCT II test for Mediocre. I first recall that there is 35 positions (14 positional, 12 tactical and 9 end game). The program can think 5 minutes by position (normally this is 10 minutes but the test is rather old, so with modern computer, 5 minutes should be enough). I didn't do the test for all version of Mediocre because it takes time, but here is the result I obtained

-Mediocre 0.12b: 2/14; 0/12; 0/9 = 2/35 = 1950 (elo)

-Mediocre 0.21b: 2/14 (one of the two is not the same one the previously); 0/12; 0/9 = 2/35 = 1945 (elo)
the elo is different because the time needed to get the good answer is taken into account


-Mediocre 0.3: 7/14; 9/12; 6/9 = 22/35 = 2415 (elo)

Incredible, 465 points more than the best previous result (ok one should test the intermediate versions to see the increase).


Jonatan Pettersson said...

Great news!

I knew it was better but I keep getting surprised at how much of a difference there really is.

I suspect the increase from this test comes from the new evalution, this version simply knows what to look for much better than the older versions.

Anonymous said...

I have run some tests against some of the div 5 engines from wbec. The results show that with a little luck the current mediocre could very well reach the playoff.