Dec 31, 2007

[Other] Mediocre in CCT 10

I have entered Mediocre in the CCT 10 tournament which starts January 26.

"Hopefully" I will have had some time to work on Mediocre until then. Ponder, some endgame knowledge and a recap of the evaluation is on top of the list.

Dec 25, 2007

[Other] Chesswar XI Over

Mediocre held its position somewhere in the low middle of the crosstable during the whole tournament. The final score of 32/71 gave 43rd place. I had hoped for a 50% score but this result is quite decent considering the competition. The notable games were the wins against Baron and Alfil and draw against Hamsters.

It was an exciting and interesting tournament, thanks Olivier.

Dec 3, 2007

[Other] All is well in WBEC

Mediocre has qualified for the next phase in WBEC Ridderkerk with a score of 19/22, there are still 3 more rounds to go but Mediocre will be in the top 6.

Qualifying for division 4 will be harder though, with engines like Neurosis, BBChess, Alf, Brutus and Lime all of which Mediocre very well could lose against. But as I said before with a bit of luck it should be possible.