Nov 16, 2007

[Other] OpenWar 3rd edition and WBEC Ridderkerk

It has been a while and I still have not had the time to work on Mediocre. Quite sad really, but I am following the tournaments Mediocre is participating in.

As you might have noticed WBEC Ridderkerk edition 15 has started and a couple of days ago the B group in division 5 where Mediocre plays started. Two rounds have been played so far and Mediocre has won both against Atak 5.03 and Rogue 1.1. I am hoping the for the top 6, and maybe later, with a bit of luck, a promotion to division 4.

OpenWar 3rd edition is still playing and is currently at round 41 of 71. Mediocre has a mediocre (!) 16/41 points. But the win against Baron 2.22 almost makes up for the poor results. :) Here it is:

Looked dangerous for a bit, but Baron found no way through to the white king.

Well that is it for now, hopefully I will get around to a new version of Mediocre shortly, I will keep you posted.