Mar 2, 2007

[New Version] v0.232b - Automatic protocol detection

  • Mediocre now automatically detects what interface is being used, no parameter is needed
Note: This is another tiny fix in my continued quest to make Mediocre work in all interfaces. The jlaunch solution was hardly brilliant so I decided to drop it and let people use Jim Ablett's executables instead.

But then a new problem arrives, Shredder and Chessbase does not accept parameters on engine startup (like Arena) so Mediocre does not start correctly (or actually it starts to the line input mode which does not recognize anything).

With this new version Mediocre starts and waits for the first command from the interface, if it is "xboard" it switches to xboard, if it is "uci" it switches to uci, and for anything else it goes to line input. This means you will have to type in a 'dummy' command to enter the line input mode, but that is a minor nuiscance.



Nicola Rizzuti said...

Good blog and good work!
IMHO it would be useful to insert a detailed description of the states in which your program it is during the communication with the interface. Something like this:

Do you know that in Italian "Mediocre" means "insufficient"? :-)

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Looks interesting, I should probably take a look at it.

Yeah, Mediocre means that in both english and swedish (my native language) as well. Was kind of intended since I'm afraid Mediocre will stay quite mediocre for some time. :)