Oct 21, 2009


I am happy there are so many people asking for new updates, so here is a small update on what is going on.

When I get to work on Mediocre I always do it 100% of my time, which means many updates in a short time. This is the only way I know how to work on a project, since I need to keep everything in my head (I guess I am not a very organized person in general).

As I am a full time computer science student working on my last year of my education there is little time for anything but studies.

However, this project will never be abandoned, atleast not in a foreseeable future. There will just be times where it is resting for longer or shorter periods.

Upcoming updates

I have a version that is (and has been for some time) basically ready for release, including ponder and some other nifty things.

Also people have mentioned that the memory usage is a bit sketchy and I will have to take a look at that.

So in summary, there will be updates for Mediocre in the future, but I really can't tell you when. But it will not be another 6 months, that is for sure. :)