Mar 6, 2007

[New Version] v0.24b - Adjusted evaluation and bug fixes

  • The evaluation was readjusted, resulting in quite an improvement in overall strength
  • Fixed an issue with the force mode in winboard, was not leaving force mode on the 'new' command
  • Added searchRoot() that works a bit differently on root nodes than ordinary alpha-beta, this should take care of the rare occasions where Mediocre did not have a move to make
  • The thinking output now shows white ahead as positive value and black ahead as negative value, the evaluation output no longer depends on what side the engine is playing
  • Fixed the contempt factor again, hopefully it works now (slightly negative number for the draw if white is moving, and slightly positive if black)
Note: The changes in evaluation were all quite minor. Added bonus for bishop pair and readjusted a few of the piece tables to encourage development, also slightly increased bonus for rooks on open and semiopen files, and slightly decreased the bonus for king attacks with two and three pieces (the old evaluation would go bananas over even a slight chance of attack).

But all together it really increased the overall strength of Mediocre.


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