Sep 14, 2007

[Other] C and Sagan

I have never thought too high about programming in C, however I often find myself blaming Mediocre for being slow due to being programmed in Java.

Anyone programming in C will tell you that it is lightyears faster than Java. And anyone programming in Java will tell you that the difference is negligible.

I tend to end up somewhere in the middle. Not being a superstar programmer I think that whatever speed advantage I might potentially get with C will be lost in sloppy coding.

However, just to see if there really is a difference I have started sketching on a C chess engine I call Sagan.

I am mainly doing this to not have any excuses for the engine playing badly. :) I hate the "well it's not strong, but you can only expect that from Java".

This is just in the planning stages for now. Studying at 150% speed does not give much room for anything but planning. :)

Sep 10, 2007

[Other] Section D of ChessWar XI

Mediocre is doing better than I expected in section D of Oliver Deville's ChessWarXI. 2.5/4 so far. I am guessing 5 points should be enough to stay in the division so we are halfway there. :)

As for updates and Jonatan vs. Mediocre match I will have to postpone them yet a little while. I am currently taking three courses at the same time and have very little time for just about anything. Hopefully it will calm down in a while... hopefully. :)