Mar 18, 2008

[Tournament] Ridderkerk and new tag

While I am at it I can sadly report that Mediocre just missed the promotion to division 4 in WBEC Ridderkerk. A very poor performance in the final unfortunately.

From now on I am going to use the [Tournament] tag for posts about various tournaments Mediocre participate in. Lately that is just about the only thing I have been posting so it deserves its own tag. :)

[Other] Latest executable on own server

Uploaded Jim Ablett's latest executable of Mediocre to my server on so now the link should not break for a while. :)

[Other] Link fixed again

Jim keeps changing his download link for the executables of Mediocre. :) I fixed the link yet again so it should work.

I will shortly take the time to download his executables to my webspace so they stay updated.

As for updates of Mediocre they will probably be some time off still. I recently started on a new job while still studying full time so not much time for any fun. :)