Mar 14, 2007

[Other] Rating estimations

The french site Le fou numérique is regurarly estimating the rating of new versions of UCI chess engines.

I hunted down all the estimations Mediocre has gotten and tried to fill in some of the blanks. v0.22b never got an estimate on the site, and v0.12b got a very high estimate (1578) for some reason (this does not reflect the tourneys I have done with it).

Below is a list of the ratings for the different versions of Mediocre. The 'estimated' ratings is results from my own tourneys and the rest is from Le fou numérique.

The numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, for example the difference between v0.232 and v0.231 is almost 100 points, while there is no real difference between those versions (v0.232 got automatic protocol detection, perhaps that helped it play better with Le fou numérique's software, who knows).

However this is also true for the other engines, so take it for what it is, a crude estimate.
Mediocre 0.25b     : 2050 (estimated)
Mediocre 0.241b : 1942
Mediocre 0.232b : 1832
Mediocre 0.231b : 1753
Mediocre 0.22b : 1650 (estimated)
Mediocre 0.2b : 1378
Mediocre 0.12b : 1278 (estimated)
For some comparison here are a few other engines.
GreKo 5.1          : 2265
Winner of WBEC 14, division 5
Gibbon 2.31d : 2157
Qualified for promotion phase of WBEC 14, division 5
Clueless 1.3.4 : 2004
Qualified for second phase of WBEC 14, division 5
BiBiChess 0.5 : 1991
Top half of first phase of WBEC 14, division 5
Roce 0.0350 : 1758
Bottom half of first phase of WBEC 14, division 5
Obviously these numbers mean quite little. They are a very rough estimate of the individual strength of the different engines. In matchups they probably do not hold up too well.

But it is fun to play around with numbers like this without actually having played thousands and thousands of games for statistically accurate rankings.