Mar 9, 2007

[Other] A little test tourney

I ran a small tourney (300 games) to test the internal iterative deepening added in the latest version. The results were:
   Engine  Score         1         2         3
1: v0.241b 122,0/200 * 52.0-48.0 70.0-30.0
2: v0.24b 114,5/200 48.0-52.0 * 66.5-33.5
3: v0.232b 63,5/200 30.0-70.0 33.5-66.5 *
As you can see the 0.24 version with its adjusted evaluation is plenty stronger than the 0.23 version. However there is not much difference between the version with iid and the one without (the result between them 52-48).

I will keep working on this and see if we can get it to do better.

1 comment:

jpqy said...

I you want i test your engine against Rybka!Great work you do,you must be motivated to go on till you are number one and beat Rybka with 70-30 :) Regards,Jean-Paul.