Dec 9, 2008

[Plan] So what now

There are a few points that need attention before I go on with tampering with the actual engine.
  • Code cleanup - I've already started this by creating packages for the files. It's time to get rid of the static TranspositionTables and other silly stuff.
  • Opening book - I have been using Yves Catineau's opening book parser since two years. It is time I look into this. Polyglot might be an option?
On the horizon:
  • Recreate the Board-class - The Board-class is a mess, and probably a lot slower than it needs to be. I'll see what I can do with it.
  • Transposition tables - Even more mess here. I had no clue when I did this, and I have a feeling there are some serious gains to be made here.
And even further on the horizon is looking into the search again, and eventually the evaluation.

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