Dec 23, 2008

[Other] The new Board class

I finished with the new Board class. The biggest difference is the way the piece lists are handled. In the old version I had a class called Piecelist with some very dodgy methods. This is now replaced with a two-dimensional array (12x10) where all the pieces are stored.

I'm running a new tournament to try it out at the moment. It seems it is doing quite well with a slightly faster move generation.

However the biggest bonus is the much clearer code in the Board class.

I don't think this change merits a new release on it's own so I will wait with releasing it until I've made some progress in other areas as well. However if you're interested the changes are commited to the repository on Sourceforge.


Anonymous said...

It seems that your repository on Sourceforge does not open to public or I did something wrong. Please check.

Jonatan Pettersson said...

It should be available through anonymous access. There is a guide how you connect on Sourceforge:

It should work I think.