Dec 12, 2008

[New Version] v0.334 - Polyglot opening books

  • Mediocre now supports Polyglot opening books
  • It is now possible to give the path to a polyglot opening book in the ini-file
  • Some more code cleaning was made
Note: I decided to "fix" the broken old opening book by implementing Polyglot opening books in Mediocre, it turned out nicely. I bundled it with Marc Lacrosse' perfomance.bin (Polyglot opening book) for now. Released without a native compilation, just the jar-file this time.

I'd appreciate any reports on bugs with the opening books.

(also a big thanks to Yves Catineau whose Book-class was used in Mediocre for the last two years)

Download here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


my contribution is very poor regarding your engine.
On my side i try to developped a very nice and simple class than generate move with bitboard.
I try to do the same thing than i have done for book.

Best luck for the future ;)

Best regards