Dec 9, 2008

[Other] Mediocre download changes

From now on downloading Mediocre will get you a zip-archive containing:
  • mediocre_vX.jar (jar-file used to start Mediocre with java)
  • mediocre_vX.exe (Windows executable, compiled with Excelsior Jet, should be faster then running through Java, and is probably the easiest way to use Mediocre, unless you are on some other platform then Windows)
  • readme.txt (as usual)
  • (Mediocre's own opening book)
  • Mediocre.bat (used to start Mediocre with Java)
  • mediocre.ini (settings file where transposition table size etc. can be set)
The source is available in the CVS-repository from Mediocre's page on Sourceforge.

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