Jul 30, 2012

[New Version] v0.5 - Futility pruning, revamped evaluation

  • Futility pruning working, should give a noticeable strength increase
  • Added tapered eval and some significant changes to evaluation, shouldn't matter to much in terms of strength or style though
  • Major background changes in the build process and so on (now using Maven)

Note: Should be noticable stronger than v0.4, mainly due to futility pruning which is finally working. The revamped evaluation might add some style or strength differences, but nothing to get excited about. Next version I will concentrate on evaluation only, and hopefully get something nice out of it.

Download here


Zong Li said...

Awesome. :) But unfortunately, it still has mate bugs?

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Oh whoops. :) Had that in at one point, but never got around to testing it and then I guess I lost it. :)

I'll have another look at it.

harada57 said...
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