Jul 26, 2012

[Info] One of those versions again

I've been working on getting a decent build/release procedure in place and it's coming along nicely. The readme and bat-file and resources and anything you can think of really is now being updated automatically.

Very very convenient.

But when looking in the development directory on my old harddrive I found a version of Mediocre called v0.5beta from December 7 2011. This version is actually crushing v0.4 (or maybe not crushing, but a good 70-80 elo stronger).

Now, the problem is I have no idea what this version contains. I know it uses my new evaluation but any setup I try with that doesn't come close in strength.

I've tried to look at the class-files (with a decompiler) but it's really hard to follow as the decompiler isn't perfect and I can't follow the code line by line.

I refuse to start working on anything before I figure out how I made this version. :) Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.


Matthew Brades said...

Could it be a version with futility pruning on, as you have left a post on that exact day saying that futility pruning was turned off by accident?

Jonatan Pettersson said...

It's a good guess but unfortunately I tried that already and actually uncovered a bug with it.

I tried looking in the search-code in hopes of a fix I forgot about but didn't find anything.

But I think I'll have another look, I must be missing something and it could very well be there.

Thank you for your suggestion.