Jan 23, 2009

[Plan] CCT 11 preparations

CCT 11 starts in two months (http://cctchess.com/) and I'm going to try to get Mediocre at its best behaviour by then. This is what I'm going to look at until then.
  • Pondering - This has been on my todo-list for almost two years now and it's time it gets done. Not having pondering is essentially like playing with half the time (almost atleast) against engines that has it.
  • Endgame knowledge - I have some endgame knowledge ready for upcoming versions, they include things like understanding draws with a rook pawn against queen and similiar issues. At first I wanted tablebases for this, but I don't want Mediocre to be dependant on them. I might look at tablebases at a later point however.
  • Evaluation issue - Resolving the weird bug with piece square tables is a priority. I thought i had a pretty smart evaluation routine, but when a thing like that comes along I just don't know anymore. Awarding centralized pieces in the mobility function might be one way to go.
If I manage to get all this done I think Mediocre would be well prepared for the event.

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