Jan 22, 2009

[New Version] v0.34 - Bugfixes and optimizations

  • Fixed a bug in the reptition detection table (repetitions were not replaced so the table would eventually fill up)
  • Fixed a bug in SEE (where black king's attack squares were added to white's side)
  • Fixed a problem with loading the opening book (perfomance.bin was hard coded and hence the only opening book name that was accepted)
  • Fixed a bug where endgame piece square tables always were used after opening phase
  • Fixed a bug in the xboard protocol where time was reported in milliseconds (not centiseconds)
  • Fixed a bug in the UCI protocol when the same position was analyzed numerous times (reptable was not updated)
  • Fixed a bug with probing pawn eval when no pawns were on the board
  • Fixed a bug with the draw probability in evaluation (it simply wasn't used)
  • Fixed contempt factor, should work now
  • Move generation slightly optimized
  • Some small optimizations here and there
  • Aspiration window researches now only resets the exceeded limit
Note: This version should be noticably stronger than v0.334. Many of the bugfixes are quite critical and it's really a wonder previous versions played at all really.

Also a big thanks to George Koch who helped with a bunch of the optimizations and feedback.

Download here

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