Aug 17, 2007

[Other] Status update

Mediocre is doing fairly well in the E section of Oliver Deville's ChessWar XI. I had hoped for a little bit more but I guess I should be satisfied with the results so far. 4.5/8 points after round 8.

Leo Dijskman's Edition 15 of WBEC Ridderkerk has been postponed again, this time to 1 October. It suites me quite well since this is really the tournament I am aiming to do well in and I simply have not had the time to make the changes I want to get Mediocre ready.

The Jonatan vs. Mediocre match is about to take place shortly. Though I have some exams to take care of before that. I want to feel ready before starting to play since I am expecting the match to take quite some time over at least two weeks. Mid september is probably a good assumption of when I get the time.

Updates of Mediocre itself is also upcoming, I have quite a few things I want to do and I hope to be able to spend some time on it now that summer is coming to an end.

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