Jul 26, 2007

[Other] New Jim Ablett compile of Mediocre 0.332

Jim Ablett has compiled Mediocre 0.332 using Excelsior Jet and the results are fantastic. I almost want to call this a new version. My test results shows almost a doubling of the nps.

Many thanks to Jim Ablett. Try it out! (for Windows only)



Anonymous said...

Wow! I just tried the new binary, and the nodes-per-second improved by a factor of 2 sometimes even 3 over a somewhat older version of Mediocre I used in some testing tournaments for BikJump. I just started a quick match, and where BikJump would sometimes steal a few points from Mediocre, it now does not seem to stand a chance. Well-done! I would release this indeed soon, your rating must go up quite a bit!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, or perhaps not…... In that quick 4’+1’’ match against BikJump v1.4.1 on the Nunn test set in the Chessbase GUI (512MB hash + Nalimov tablebases), Mediocre started with a series of very crushing victories, but then became more and more sluggish. Eventually Mediocre’s search became unacceptably slow, and this version of Mediocre lost 7.5 to 12.5 against BikJump v1.4.1. I am not sure what went wrong here, but you probably want to look into what causes this gradual slow down during a match before making a new release.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aart/Jonatan,

I tested with Arena with option to
're-start engines after game' and never saw this problem.

One difference between this build and older one (besides the speed) is that the 'Excelsior Jet ' compiler uses some sort of 'dynamic memory allocation'. You'll see the memory usage fluctuate during play. Maybe this is causing some sort of memory problem with Chessbase.

Excelsior is very flexible with regards to stack/memory settings at compile time, so probably a different setting will fix this.

I'll do some more tests.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jim, I want to thank you for Surprice chess engine. I am trying to learn to play chess without looking at the board, well I can play it, but with some mistakes from 20-30 moves...and I am very weak with this type of playing at the moment, so I was asking players to play with me in terms I play without looking to the board, and they look at the board, and I found I don't play my usual strong chess yet at all... I found your program in CCRL 40/40 pgn pack... And I decided to download it, just because of its small rating at the list, because I think I play about only this rating when I am looking at the board. So much to improve. Amyway what I wanted to say, I loved the command line interface. I have some practice at programming so I felt like at home. And your text board with dots is AMAZING cool for me to learning to play without looking at the board. The variation mode is also great, as I can add my variation and play it. I even found the command 'new' though there was no help file inside download ;-) I also wanted command 'back' but it didn't work. Love your job. And will use it till I beat Surprise from any opening playing without looking at your text line little fancy board. ;) I mean it's GORGEOUS. THANK YOU !!! BEST LUCK TO YOU MAN !!!