May 1, 2007

[Other] v0.32 test run

I ran a small tournament to try out the new version and it went pretty well for Mediocre. 3 minute games, with Arena main book.
01: GreKo 5.2.5     34,0/40
02: Mediocre 0.32 28,0/40
03: Pupsi 0.18 26,0/40
04: Lime_v62 25,0/40
05: GERBIL02 24,5/40
06: Kingsout 0.2.42 24,5/40
07: FluxII 0.7 18,5/40
08: Feuerstein045 17,0/40
09: Tscp181 11,5/40
10: Roce036 11,0/40
11: Vicki 0.021a 0,0/40
2007-04-30 Big one.pgn

The battle for second place behind Greko was quite exciting, but Mediocre pulled off a great last round with 9/10 points (losing only to Gerbil).

Vicki was only reaching depths of around 2-4 ply on my hardware (AMD Athlon 2500+) so it was of course having a hard time, but I will enjoy watching it improve and it is fun seeing the progress from the beginning. FluxII has made some nice progress and is not far behind Mediocre now, I will have to keep up the pace. :)


Jaco van Niekerk said...

Vicki sure put me to shame! :-) I have released a new version this yesterday that already plays a bit better. Implemented SEE and added some other tweaks. I'm starting to pick up the pace as this is sure getting more and more addictive! Well done with your good result on the tourney - and please keep it up!!

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Yeah, addictive for sure. :) I will keep watching Vicki progress, looking forward to see it steal a point here and there in the test tournaments I run.