May 7, 2007

[Other] The Jonatan vs. Mediocre match

When I created this blog almost six months ago I had three goals. Mediocre should be able to:
  • Play by all the chess rules
  • Play on ICS (and versus other engines)
  • Beat me in a match
The two first have been done for about five months now, but the last one I have put off.

Mainly because playing a match at classic time controls takes a lot of effort from my side and I want to be sure I get beaten since I probably won't have the motivation to play another match. :)

I think Mediocre is about ready to whoop the floor with me so I will plan a match in the near future, probably beginning of June.

The match will be 10 games at 2 hours per game. And if I get my personal ICC account up and running by then I will play it there (being a student I am a bit strapped for cash, that is the price you pay for too much spare time :).

I should have Mediocre v0.33 ready, and I will try to implement a few time management parameters since I have a feeling Mediocre uses the time pretty badly at longer time controls.

Hopefully I will also be able to implement ponder so Mediocre can play at full strength.


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to these games! If you stand a chance against your own engine, you are probably a very strong chess player. Mediocre's strong affinity to disable the use of its opponent's pieces should prevent you from playing a typical anti-computer game; perhaps you can profit from Mediocre's affinity to sacrifice pawns? Lycka till!

Another evaluation improvement that is relatively easy to implement might be the handling of typical endgames: Either you could access tablebases/bitbases (are there any open source Java engines that do so?) or just hand-code the most common endgames (like Glaurung).

Jaco van Niekerk said...

Jonatan - I have to agree with fritz here ;-) My money is on Mediocre. Ironically, you can't really lose in this game, can you?

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Nah, a little bit like playing myself. :) I hope I can put up a good error free match though.

I have a bunch of things I'm going to look into that I want ready before, tablebases being one.