Feb 13, 2007

[Other] Letting Mediocre loose on the ICC

I decided to try Mediocre against some human opponents so I dug up my computer account on the Internet Chess Club and let it have a go.

The name of the account is Independence, so if you have a user at ICC you can give Mediocre a try there, I will leave it up for a while.

The result after 12 hours was this:
       rating win loss draw total best
Bullet 2051 146 19 22 187 2085
Time control for pretty much all games was 2 minutes without increment. Among the beaten opponents were two FMs (fide master) and a WIM (woman international master).

Mediocre was pretty stable during the whole time, no crashes and a total of 2 illegal moves.

Both illegal moves came after a draw by repetition. Also draw by repetition is recognized only if Mediocre initiates the repetition. I.e. it does the first 'repeating' move.

Basically the repetition detection needs a checkup, but for everything else Mediocre is looking just fine. :)

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