Feb 6, 2007

[Other] Compilations and logo

At this homepage Jim Ablett has been compiling my releases of Mediocre for Windows and Linux for quite some time. I decided to add these to my blog for download since they do not require Java to run.

Be aware that there can be some problems with them, since there are some tricks for compiling Java like that. Anyway there they are and if they work great, if they do not you will just have to use my usual Java binaries.

Jim also created a nifty logo for Mediocre which I rather like, so I put it up as well. :)


Anonymous said...

Just to say that the link to download the last release of Mediocre just below the logo is wrong, a "b" is missing at the end of the link I think.

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Thanks. Fixed now. :)