Jan 8, 2007

[Other] Word is spreading, abit early? :)

Browsing around different chess forums I see word of my little blog is spreading. That is great, it is much more fun to write when you know you have readers. :)

I have also noticed a few platform specific compiles (like .exe-files) of Mediocre is out there. While it is fun people want to spread Mediocre, I can not help to think that it might be a tad early.

Mediocre is in very early development stages and trying to make it run in too ellaborate ways might be unwise. Things like the winboard 'force' command, time controls, takeback, analysis, pondering, are just a few things Mediocre is clueless about at the moment.

Well, I will just continue working with the engine as usual and not worry too much. :)

Hopefully I get all the qwirks worked out eventually.

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Anonymous said...

Yes this is certainly a bit too early, but in the other hand, this is quite motivating I suppose! Anyway, I will follow the evolution of your engine and help you to test it if you want. Just let me know.