Jan 11, 2007

[Other] A way to show games

I have been looking for a small simple applet or flash program to view games I want to show.

There are some big advanced ones with commentary and multiple games, but they simply will not fit on this pages.

The best one I found so far is located at http://chess.maribelajar.com/chesspublisher/ and is very easy to use. Unfortunately the background is white so it will look really bad. :) But atleast it is a simple way of showing games.

To try it out here is a game Mediocre won against the strong java engine King's Out. All luck of course, but still. :)


Anonymous said...

Player that moves Ra1-Ra2-Ra1-Ra2 cannot be strong.

Jonatan Pettersson said...

King's Out didn't have one of its better days that's for sure.