Dec 29, 2006

[Bug] Mate score

The mate score returned by mateCheck() needs to be negated and should not depend on what side is moving.

This is because the mateCheck() is a static evaluation, meaning if we call it there are no more moves to calculate and we know we will either get a mate score or a draw score (mate or stalemate).

The mate value is then returned immediately and since the score returned will be negated in the alpha-beta loop by the line:
int eval = -alphaBeta(board, ply-1, -beta, -alpha, localpv);
we need the number to be negative to start with.

If we were to return a positive score the engine would think it was losing if it mated the opponent.

Also if we were to return a negative/positive score depending on who did the mating, only one side would try to mate. This is what was happening in Mediocre before I fixed this.

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