Sep 6, 2013

[Info] Jim Ablett's page is gone

Sadly Jim Ablett has decided to stop his excellent work with compiling various chess engines. This of course includes Mediocre.

I've never spent much time generating native exceutables of Mediocre and I'm quite sure I won't start now. Mediocre is a Java engine after all, and should probably be run as a Java application. I'm quite aware of the limitations on some UIs (like Chessbase, atleast in the past), but I still see it as a limitation on their side and not mine.

Feel free to ask if you need help getting Mediocre to run as a Java application in whatever UI you use, I'm still around and answering questions. :)


Anonymous said...

Noooooooooo. I m trying like crazy to use your amazing engine but i m not able once it is in java. how can i use it.

btw congratz for your great job. Your engine is very stable and one of my fav once it is possible to play against them without be spanked :P. So it is fun.

Anonymous said...

Mediocre Chess Java from

can be easily embedded into ChessGUI / BigLion-Interface

Engines/Install Engine > select UCI1 + Java > and under "browse for engine file"= location where executable .jar file (660 KB) exists after extraction of .zip-folder - confirm the entry with "save engine option"

No extra batch-file is required, but the menu item UCI 1 + Java must be clicked simultaneously to recognize the .jar-file!

Ravi Shakya said...

Nice Post

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