Oct 11, 2011

[Info] Another test, with killer moves

Killer moves implemented with a reasonable gain:
1: Mediocre v0.34 622,5/1000
2: Mediocre 1.0 377,5/1000

Still some ways to go, but certainly getting closer.

I have some suspicion the new version is forfeiting some games due to not returning a best move. I have a safety measure for this in v0.34 but not having the root search in place for v1.0 it's missing there.

There is also something fishy with mate scores in the new version, will have to look into that.

I'm hoping root move ordering will bring v1.0 up to par with v0.34. An even score at that stage would certainly be thrilling as there is still extensions, futility pruning and internal iterative deepening left to do.

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