Feb 15, 2011

Long time no see

In my last post I promised to update Mediocre before 6 months. It has now been almost 16 months. Well well.

On a personal note I now work with Java development in a investment bank, and while it's a super job it leaves me little time for such time consuming activities as chess programming.

Mediocre is as mentioned not abandonded, just resting, and while I won't make any promises this time, I will sooner or later get around to updating again.

This post is mostly here to let you know I'm still around, and if you have questions I'm still reading your mails (mediocrechess@gmail.com, but I will most likely answer from zlaire@gmail.com).

Until later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan,
nice to see you back.

Jaco van Niekerk said...

...and of course, Vicki still awaits revenge. Sadly, the little engine is also rusting out in the rain. (for now...)

Good luck and enjoy the work!

Unknown said...

Hey I'm actually starting to program chess, and I haven't done any serious programming projects besides calculating days between two dates, so, if you can give me some tips on what parts are important (say, function for Display, function for knowing what errors, and how to figure out invalid moves, that'd be great. Email me at

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan,
nice to see you again. I think you have done a great job with mediocre. I expect some day Mediocre could be in the top engines, keep improving although you have little time. I admire your great job.

Justin said...

Hi Jonathan, was really good reading through your blog.

Unknown said...

I am starting to write my own chess engine in Python as a new hobby. I have found your blog and the companion site at varten.org to be very valuable and interesting. I hope you keep this information available and wish you the best with your project.