Jan 26, 2008

[Other] Sob and whine

I simply could not get Mediocre to work on Ubuntu through either Xboard or Winboard (using Wine). I had some trouble with it yesterday but thought I could fix it quickly today, I couldn't. :)

Well I will be more prepared before the next tournament. Sorry to CCT for the inconvenience.


Jaco van Niekerk said...

That is so unfortunate! Are you watching at least?

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Nah I got so depressed I turned off the computer. :)

Will probably watch the last games tonight, and the rounds tomorrow. Always fun to see how everyone else is doing.

Jaco van Niekerk said...

Tips for personal experience:
Prepare your engine in advance.
Use good move ordering and eval.
Make changes 5 mins before the next round, without testing it properly.

Vicki did horribly! I've started a semi-rewrite. This laziness and a semi-functional engine has gone far enough! Keep well :)

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Indeed. And another DONOT:

Change your OS a few days before the tournament and think you're such a computer genius that you can get anything to work on any platform. :)

Looking forward to your continued work on Vicki.

Jaco van Niekerk said...
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Jaco van Niekerk said...

(BTW, those comments were on Vicki.) Currently putting in some *real* effort for a change. Hoping to see Mediocre living up to and far beyond her/his/its(?) name.

Anonymous said...


i would recommend using VirtualBox
and install your windows OS in that
VM; running Fritz10 here @ VirtualBox
on OpenSuse 10.3
Maybe you need some RAM, i have 3072 MB
om my machine, the Win XP VM has 1024 MB

Regards, Gilbert

Anonymous said...

Manbe this is interesting for you: http://wbforum.vpittlik.org/viewtopic.php?p=32944#32944


Volker Pittlik