Apr 29, 2007

[New Version] v0.32 - Hung pieces evaluation and general tweaks

  • Killer moves verification to avoid generating unnecessary moves
  • The finalEval is now started with globalBestMove to make sure we always get the right move there (I'm not sure this was ever a problem, but just in case)
  • Passed pawn values halfed in middle/opening
  • Fixed bug with x-ray attacks for queens
  • Simplified castling rights code
  • Added time search to line input and fixed some bugs
  • Dynamic null move depth
  • Futility check moves outside while loop
  • Fixed bug with black queen on 2nd rank bonus
  • Increased bonus for rook on 2nd/7th rank
  • Searched moves instead of HASH_EXACT to determine LMR and PVS (results in more reduced moves)
  • Hung piece check in the evaluation
  • Tempo bonus in evaluation
Note: Of these changes the hung pieces in evaluation probably helped the most. I am still having trouble adjusting everything to work together but this release should be a noticeable improvement. More to come...


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