Nov 23, 2011

[Info] So wrong again, but at least closer

So yeah, my imagined strength increase mentioned in the last post was non-existent of course.

But, the tapered eval seems to be holding up as the culprit of my recent failures.

I've tried to zone in on the exact version after Mediocre v1.0 Beta that did the best. With all kinds of combinations with and without 64 bit hash tables, tapered eval and removal of the notion of "row".

The results are... inconclusive.

However, it seems a version with everything except the specific addition of tapered eval seems to be playing at least equal with the beta version. So I think I'll just go with that one. Do a new release (to get a firm base to build from). And then start with my evaluation tampering.

I'll post some testing results in a day or two. (not going to leave any doubt this time)

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