Feb 18, 2007

[Other] A third of the results

Of course the tournament did not finish as it should, only a third of the games were played before a power outage stopped it. But anyway, all the engines played 35 matches against each other.

The time control was 3 minutes for each side and the results were:
1: Kingsout            120,5/140
2: Tscp181 84,5/140
3: Mediocre v0.23b dev 54,0/140
4: Roce350 47,5/140
5: Mediocre v0.22b 43,5/140
The only real conclusions we can draw from this is King's Out clearly being the strongest and Tscp second, the 3-5 places are too close to call.

Roce takes way too many unnescessary draws so it probably places above Mediocre v0.23b if you take those out.

The 'individual' result between the two versions of Mediocre was this:
3: Mediocre v0.23b dev 20,5/35 101101111101===0=1001001=10101=011=
5: Mediocre v0.22b 14,5/35 010010000010===1=0110110=01010=100=
Quite close but the check extension seems to give a slight edge.

Many many more games needs to be played for any real conclusions, this is mainly for fun. :)

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