Feb 13, 2007

[Other] A little tournament

I ran a tournament between all the versions since 0.12b (since that is when time management was implemented).
   Engine              Score   v.22 v.23 v.21  v.2 v.12
1: Mediocre v0.22b 13,5/16 ···· 1101 11== 1=11 1111
2: Mediocre v0.23b dev 11,0/16 0010 ···· 01== 1111 1111
3: Mediocre v0.21b 7,0/16 00== 10== ···· 1110 1000
4: Mediocre v0.2b 5,5/16 0=00 0000 0001 ···· 1111
5: Mediocre v0.12b 3,0/16 0000 0000 0111 0000 ····
The v0.23b dev is the development version, it has some adaptive null move pruning and check extensions but it is not working like it should yet.

Most of the draws were due to unnescessary repetitions.

One interesting aspect is the amount of repeated games. Even in this few games there were a few repeated games, i.e. games with the exact same moves from start to end.

Medioce has no random factor and I do not intend to add one, it plays what it considers best in every position. The way to get more variation in the games is improving the opening book.

I might add the posibility to use a common opening book through Arena (or other interfaces that support it), however I like Mediocre having its own book as well. Perhaps it is time to start building a bigger one.

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