Feb 2, 2007

[New Version] v0.21b - Contempt factor and better interface support

  • Added support for 'infinite' search in uci (not applicable in winboard)
  • Added support for fixed time per move search for both uci and winboard
  • Added support for fixed depth search for both uci and winboard
  • Added support for the '?' (winboard) and 'stop' (uci) move-now commands, the 'move now' command in certain interfaces now makes Mediocre move immediately
  • Made null-moves only possible if the game is not in a pawn ending
  • Introduced contempt factor to draw values (dependant on game phase)
  • Added a game phase check that decides if the game is in the opening, middle game, ending or pawn ending
  • Added final INFINITY variable instead of using 200000 in the code
  • Cleaned up the line input, currently it can only set up a board with FEN and do perft/divide, might be enhanced again in later releases
  • Increased the number of nodes before time or interrupt command are checked, hopefully this should take care of the bug where Mediocre stops searching
Note: I have commented out a few lines in the alpha-beta method that enables in-check extension. It should be working ok, but I want to do some further testing before releasing it.



Fritz said...

A nice UCI interface feature would be to translate a mate value to the form "mate n" which is understood by UCI interfaces such as Arena.

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Ah yes, I'll try to take a look at that.