Jul 21, 2007

[Other] Game 3 Mediocre - Quark 0-1

Interesting game. Mediocre failed to castle and tried to attack. In the end the own king safety was too much to handle. I might have to do something about that. I want the evaluation of king safety to encourage castling instead of hard coding it (like for example Crafty does, i.e. penalizing loss of castling rights), but perhaps it has to be done.

Quark kibitzed its pondering moves and got it right mostly. Mediocre does not have pondering yet and of course it is a major flaw. It is on my todo-list. Also Mediocre does not move instantly when it only has one legal move. Against opponents that does not ponder this does not matter, however it is a severe weakness against those who does, since it basically allows them a free instant move.

Well, an exciting and educational game. Off to the next round.

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