Jul 22, 2007

[Other] 2007 WCRCC Recap and results

Amazing result by Mediocre, I am extremely happy with it. More than 50% and a nice placement, 'tied' with crafty for example.

Of course the swiss system does not show anything near the truth since Mediocre lost the first few games and got to start from the bottom, working its way through weaker engines.

But all in all it is a very good result. Considering my weak hardware, no ponder etc.

Very nice and educational tournament. I got quite a few ideas what to work on now.

Impossible Rybka won of course. However it was not a clear as some might have thought, a loss against Hiarcs made it interesting. Hiarcs lost the last game which really was a draw, but failed to claim the 50-moves rule. Would not have made a difference in the standings though.

Vicki got a nice 1.5 points, impressive for such a new engine in this field. Jaco had hoped for 0.5 points so I guess he is happy. :)

 1 Rybka           13.0
2 Hiarcs8x 12.0
3 IkarusX 10.0
4 Erdo 10.0
5 DIEP 9.5
6 TerraPi 8.5
7 Frenzee 8.0
8 Ktulu 8.0
9 Rascal 8.0
10 thebaron 8.0
11 ArasanX 8.0
12 DirtyX 8.0
13 QuarkX 7.5
14 crafty 7.5
15 Weid 7.5
16 BertaX 7.5
17 Independence 7.5 (Mediocre)
18 PetirX 7.0
19 Symbolic 7.0
20 NowX 7.0
21 HfC 7.0
22 DeltomateX 7.0
23 LearningLemming 6.5
24 danasah 6.5
25 Tinker 6.5
26 Horizon-x 6.5
27 DeuteriumChess 6.5
28 Neurosis 6.5
29 parrotC 6.5
30 JokerX 6.0
31 Telepath 6.0
32 BirdEng 6.0
33 microMaX 6.0
34 HomerX 5.5
35 Buzz 5.5
36 Clarabit 5.0
37 Timea 5.0
38 Matilde 2.5
39 roce 2.5
40 Vicki 1.5
41 NoonianChess 0.0


Anonymous said...

I congratulate you on nice result!

Peter Horvath (Asterisk)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan,

Congrats for good score!

Any chance of releasing a special tournament or an updated version?


Jonatan Pettersson said...

Thank you!

The only difference in the 'tournament version' was adding kibitzing the thinking.

However I will soon start working with the a new version which will have pondering and a few fixed bugs.

Moving to a new apartment now though so it will probably be mid-august or so.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jonatan!

I also congratulate for your very nice result! You can be proud of your progress! I am sorry that Timea was not able to show her strenght against Mediocre. Though Mediocre seems to be the stronger nowadays, Timea with pondering also had good chance. But I don't mind it too much, I think our engines will meet in other tournaments soon!;-)

Best regards,
László (author of Timea)

Ps.Your blog is a very nice work!