Jul 22, 2007

[Other] Game 14 Mediocre - Horizon 1-0

Oh my goodness! This was so exciting. :)

Mediocre went for doubling Horizon's center pawns which turned out to be a big mistake. I am not sure if I have any code for awarding doubled pawns in the center, I have to look into that.

Of course Horizon got a massive advantage in the center and open files for the rooks, and it did not take long before Mediocre's king was in trouble.

Around move 29 Mediocre missed the obvious attack which cost the queen vs. a rook, and I thought the game was over for sure. But just a few moves later Horizon slipped up and let a passer run away followed up by a tactical shot that evened out the game again.

It still looked bleak however. Horizon up a pawn with a dangerous passer. But a couple of bad moves and Mediocre was ahead. Then the trade of queens looked suspicious but I guess Mediocre had it figured out.

Very very exciting game, with a lot of luck for Mediocre.

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