Oct 13, 2011

[Info] Decent

Not as good as I had hoped for (it never is), but still a decent and almost statistically certain improvement.

1: Mediocre 1.0    544,5/1000
2: Mediocre v0.34 455,5/1000

Seems I finally managed to improve on Mediocre v0.34! :)

A few more things left to implement before I'll consider myself done with the search revamp for a while.

After that I'll have a look at the evaluation. I'm quite happy with what's in it, but I'm certain the evaluation parameters are no where near optimal (in fact I have a hard time imagining an engine having less optimal parameters as many are borrowed and manually adjusted from other engines, and some are leftovers from early version of Mediocre, and some were just arbitrarily added).

Anyway, I can now promise that the next version of Mediocre will have a gain in playing strength. Yay! :)

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