Jan 6, 2007

[Other] Solving troubles to start a Java-engine

There are a few things you need to have to be able to run a Java-engine (like Mediocre) apart from the usual interface specific settings.
  1. Make sure you have Java Runtime Environment installed. Found at java.sun.com. You can not run any Java applications if you do not have it, including Mediocre.

  2. Make sure you have the correct path in the .bat-file. It should be changed from "C:\mediocre_v0.1b" to whatever path you have Mediocre in. E.g. "C:\Chess Engines\Mediocre". (Note: I changed the .bat-file just now to not include my long weird path to Mediocre, instead it is just "C:\mediocre_v0.1b" now)

  3. You might not have the path to 'java.exe' set on your system. The 'java' in the .bat-file assumes you have the path set.

    If you are using windows, open the console window (Start menu->Run and write 'cmd' and hit ok). Then type 'java' (without quotations marks) at the prompt. If you get a bunch of text starting with "Usage:" that explains how to start a Java application you have the path correctly set and you should be ok.

    If you however get something like "Can't recognize the command", you do not have the path set. Then you need to change the .bat-file to look something like this:

    "C:\j2sdk1.4.2_08\bin\java" -classpath "[path Mediocre is in]" Mediocre x

    The j2sdk is the development kit I am using, it can also be j2jre, or any other of the packages they have, this is where the 'java.exe' file is located, which is used to start Java applications. If you can not find 'java.exe' run a search and see if you can locate it, and then use whatever path it is in.
I hope that solved a few problems.

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