Jan 5, 2007

[Other] New version and download info

I received a mail from Leo Dijksman about putting Mediocre on his list of chess engines (http://wbec-ridderkerk.nl/index.html) and it got me thinking a bit about my version numbers and how new downloads are presented.

Up until now I have been using for example 'dl9' to distinguish a new download. While it is a simple way of keeping track of what download we are on, I think it is time to upgrade it a little.

The next download will be called v0.1b (instead of dl10). I guess you could consider the engine worthy of being in the beta stages by now, and it is the first beta version so v0.1b seems fitting.

Also the [Download] posts will be renamed [New Version} and be more to the point and list the changes in a clearer way. And then followed up by a post that explains the changes if needed.

I will also include a readme.txt in the download where information about the engine and how to install it can be found.

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