Dec 17, 2013

[Info] Mediocre in ChessGUI

Since Jim Ablett closed down his site there've been quite a few mails from people unable to run Mediocre. Again, I'm not planning on doing executables of Mediocre, it's a Java engine.

But here is a repost of a comment just posted by Norbert Leisner regarding running Mediocre in ChessGUI:
Mediocre Chess Java from

can be easily embedded into ChessGUI / BigLion-Interface

Engines/Install Engine > select UCI1 + Java > and under "browse for engine file"= location where executable .jar file (660 KB) exists after extraction of .zip-folder - confirm the entry with "save engine option"

No extra batch-file is required, but the menu item UCI 1 + Java must be clicked simultaneously to recognize the .jar-file!
There are also plenty more GUIs out there that can handle Java. It's both a bit sad and surprising that some of the major ones still doesn't...


Anonymous said...

Please, Jonatan, we need a new version of Mediocre and a lot of new posts on your blog ! Do you plan to give some new enhancements to your engine ? Your blog is a "gold mine", thanks a lot for that ;-)

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Thank you. :)

I've not planned anything in there near future. Too much work at the moment, and a rather huge side project (company startup).

But I will for sure be working on Mediocre again, just can't say when. :)

Anonymous said...

OK. Good luck for the company startup. I'll regularly try to come here, on your blog, hoping to find new posts or a version 0.6 ;-)

David Carteau said...

Dear Jonatan, I posted comments last December hoping it will inspire you to continue enhancing Mediocre, but it was without effect :) So I decided to work hard and release a first version of my own engine (your excellent blog convinced me to start the adventure, but I'm probably not the only one)... Maybe a new challenger will be more attractive ?!

More info (and a "tribute") here !

Anonymous said...

You can also look into using Launch4j. It can create a .exe launcher that goes in the same folder as the jar file. All GUI problems solved in 2 minutes!

Nitin Vasava said...