Nov 29, 2008

[Other] Makeover and perhaps results eventually

I started to go through the code of Mediocre again and the first step is to get the (extremely) messy Board-class a bit more readable (and hopefully faster).

To achieve this I migrated the needed classes to a new project, the classes are Board, Move, Definitions, See and Zobrist. All used in some way when generating and making moves on the board. (although See is only used in one line of the Board-class, which i totally forgot what it did, I'll have to look into that)

Also I am extending the Perft-class to become a bit more functional when it comes to testing the moves on the board. Adding a main-method and support for automatically checking for correct values, as well as timing the operations.

A first step towards a total makeover of Mediocre, let's hope it lands somewhere good.

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