Jan 26, 2008

[Other] Sob and whine

I simply could not get Mediocre to work on Ubuntu through either Xboard or Winboard (using Wine). I had some trouble with it yesterday but thought I could fix it quickly today, I couldn't. :)

Well I will be more prepared before the next tournament. Sorry to CCT for the inconvenience.


Sparky said...

That is so unfortunate! Are you watching at least?

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Nah I got so depressed I turned off the computer. :)

Will probably watch the last games tonight, and the rounds tomorrow. Always fun to see how everyone else is doing.

Sparky said...

Tips for personal experience:
Prepare your engine in advance.
Use good move ordering and eval.
Make changes 5 mins before the next round, without testing it properly.

Vicki did horribly! I've started a semi-rewrite. This laziness and a semi-functional engine has gone far enough! Keep well :)

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Indeed. And another DONOT:

Change your OS a few days before the tournament and think you're such a computer genius that you can get anything to work on any platform. :)

Looking forward to your continued work on Vicki.

Sparky said...
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Sparky said...

(BTW, those comments were on Vicki.) Currently putting in some *real* effort for a change. Hoping to see Mediocre living up to and far beyond her/his/its(?) name.

Anonymous said...


i would recommend using VirtualBox
and install your windows OS in that
VM; running Fritz10 here @ VirtualBox
on OpenSuse 10.3
Maybe you need some RAM, i have 3072 MB
om my machine, the Win XP VM has 1024 MB

Regards, Gilbert

Volker Pittlik said...

Manbe this is interesting for you: http://wbforum.vpittlik.org/viewtopic.php?p=32944#32944


Volker Pittlik