Dec 25, 2007

[Other] Chesswar XI Over

Mediocre held its position somewhere in the low middle of the crosstable during the whole tournament. The final score of 32/71 gave 43rd place. I had hoped for a 50% score but this result is quite decent considering the competition. The notable games were the wins against Baron and Alfil and draw against Hamsters.

It was an exciting and interesting tournament, thanks Olivier.


Anonymous said...

very good initiative my friend! I would like to know more about how to make my own chess engine too :) I am very good at Java (I am certified by sun) and more or less good at C programming. I would like to help you too :)

rafinha3471 at hotmail dot com (my website)

Jonatan Pettersson said...

I hope my site will help you. Take a look at the earliest post so you can follow the process I went through when creating Mediocre.

If you just want the guides I wrote you can visit the archive site where I've collected everything of importance.