Jun 14, 2007

[New Version] v0.332 - Bugfixes, fen-strings in UCI and move legality check

  • Fixed a problem regarding fen-strings using the UCI protocol (thanks to Phokham Nonava)
  • Mediocre now checks for legality of inputted moves in both the UCI and Winboard protocol (thanks to Volker Pittlik)
Note: I am releasing these two bugfixes now to get it out of the way so to speak. They have been ready for quite a while, but I have not had the time to finish up on some of the other changes, so by releasing this I have a fresh version to work on.



Anonymous said...


is 0.332 a strength improvement over 0.331 or just a minor bugfix version?

Regards, Graham Banks (CCRL tester)

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Just minor bugfix version.