Mar 26, 2007

[Other] Improvement

Mediocre 0.3 got a preliminary rating of 2165 on Le fou Numérique, with a draw against Spike 1.2 Turin and a win against Delfi 5.1 as notable accomplishments.

The new rating is 245(!) points higher than v0.241.

Even though Le fou numérique only bases its ratings on blitz games, and only 128 games played against various opponents gives a fairly big error margin, this is atleast a good indication that Mediocre took quite a leap in strength.


Anonymous said...

This is a very remarkable accomplishment indeed! Congratulations for this improvement... you'll have to find another name for the engine very soon! :-)

Genorb said...

Yes it can be seen with the Quick test as well. Here is a summary for you record

Mediocre 0.12b : 1 answer : 11 points
Mediocre 0.20b : 1 answer : 16 points
Mediocre 0.22b : 0 answer : 0 points
Mediocre 0.23b : 2 answer : 45 points
Mediocre 0.24b : 3 answer : 65 points
Mediocre 0.30b : 6 answer : 96 points

I still have to do the LCT II test.

Jonatan Pettersson said...

Neat. Nice to see the old numbers like that.

Mediocre is still quite mediocre. When it enters the premier division on Leo's page I might consider a name change. :)